This is Boston Atomics.

Unlocking a new wave of nuclear power

Boston Atomics is a nuclear R&D firm working to deploy cost-reducing technology for new nuclear. We incubate our reactor concept, MIGHTR, with universities and national labs, and we provide consulting services to the broader energy industry.

Through reconciling disparate fields: civil and nuclear engineering, we co-invented a novel reactor concept, with a unique approach to exploiting modular construction techniques for nuclear systems. This concept became the subject of a $4.9M DOE research consortium.

We take a unique multi-disciplinary approach. Enrique’s experience in advanced reactor development has shown him that single disciplines dominate the design of a particular reactor system at the cost of other disciplines. This makes realizing performance improvements challenging because changes that improve one dimension often hinder others. Starting with a multi-disciplinary view, we can more readily identify innovations with realizable benefits. We couple this with Robb’s techno-economic modeling of nuclear technology to take a quantitative approach to cost-saving and construction accelerating innovation.